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Top Rated Online Casino Apps

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Top Rated Online Casino Apps

There are lot of online casinos available on the market today and this fact can make things really hard in your decision to choose appropriate casino for your need. That’s why we created the list, that can help you choose best online casino for you and make your playing more enjoyable.

Jackpot City

This application can work on both, Android and iPhone device. This application possesses outstanding software, Microgaming, which will give its users wonderful fun and extremely good visual and sounding effects. You will have large variety of games to choose in a different gambling genres. These games involve so well-known progressive slot machines, Tomb Raider, Mermaid Millions, Blackjack and other. This is a real money casino which provide its members unlimited free games.


Vegas Paradise

From time to time a new casino will show up in the gambling industry, claiming to be best online casino. That can offer great experience, but so far many of them have failed in this task. This is mainly due to the fact that they don’t have experienced management, who has experience in online gambling and takes this matter very seriously. Considering Vegas Paradise, you can expect everything opposite, because team behind the business is consisted of veterans in online casino gambling, which know how to run its business. They have taken a time to study a structure of online gambling and created and successful casino and they will offer free games for free membership.

Jackpot Paradise

This is a new name on the online gambling market, and despite of that it had managed to build its reputation and respect and to attract large number of players, who consider this casino one of the best in this business. There are lot of reason for their satisfaction, one of them is that they can experience the large variety of real games, membership is free and this casino offers unlimited free credit games for those who are members.

Gaming Club

This is another online casino app that is powered by the software Microgaming. Since this software is involved, the players will have a chance to experience easy and user friendly interface. This application is available on Android and iPhone device, users will just have to download it and follow easy steps. Once the download has been completed, players can start the wager on their favorite games in just a few clicks. Players will have an ability to use existing account of Gaming Club, or they can create their personal one.

Party Casino

Party Casino is mobile app casino, which Party Gaming team developed. The players will have a possibility to experience the large number of games on their Android of iPhone device. In order to get this casino on their device, they can use QR code that can be found on mobile page or they can open the casino’s webpage on their browser and download it.


The webpage will automatically recognize the model and type of the device and it will give you an appropriate casino app.

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Online Pokies – Take Your Chance

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Online Pokies – Take Your Chance

Online pokie games are essentially same as traditional slot machines in casinos, with one difference – now there are 5 reels instead of 3 wheels, placed in traditional set up. Online pokies became the next generation of gambling machines, with daily increased number of players worldwide. Opposite to classic real casino pokie machines, online casinos offer such large number of various new games, so every player will find just the game for himself to enjoy. The graphics is really great, sound effects support the graphics and these two combined create really smooth gameplay inside your own home!

There is also a lot of possibilities and variations when it is about stakes, you are not supposed to insert coins, you just spin the reels on bet you fancy, and taker your chance to win. Without changing pokie game, you can change the bet, and higher the bet, higher the prizes will be. In classic casino you were supposed to stand up from one line of pokie machines and walk to another one, and usually to go to the cash desk to get new coins ( tokens) to be able to insert in new machines. Yes, we know, there is something exciting in clinking of the winning coins in classic casinos, but it was usually amount worth a few hundreds of dollars, but in online casinos… let’s say that some players became millionaires! Good enough to give online pokies a chance?


Classic casinos always offer some basic types of pokie machines, that never change. Perhaps your luck is not in those few games, but in online casinos, in which you can find hundreds of different pokie games, we are sure that you will find your lucky pokie game. Beside that, when you play online pokies, you are not only spinning the reels, you basically experience the stories of tha game characters, fulfill some tasks, point some game goals, watch mini clips and get various free bonus spins. Should we mention that every bonus round, every task, and every level up brings new, higher winning pot. There is also a chance to double the winning prize on some machines, just by 50% chance of gamble.

Online pokies will bring you the best experience in gameplay, and much more chances to win serious amounts of money. And you will never need to ask the cashier to payout, just few clicks, and money is on your bank account, and you can go shopping right ahead. And when they „ say“ money, they really mean it. Let me introduce to you – his majesty Jackpot.

Before all bonuses, free spins and high payout hands, the main goal of every pokie player, in real casinos or online gambling, is Jackpot. It is known that jackpots come less often than some other winnings, but when it comes, it is really more than just happiness. Many online casinos have special application that launches when somebody gets hit by jackpot win.

Just like in old school casinos. But, with large difference in winning amount. Online casinos offer the possibility of winning progressive global casino jackpots that goes up to several millions of dollars.

And gues what, there are bunch of people that already have won that amount! So, it is possible. It is true. What are you waiting – spin the reels of online pokies now!

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Types Of Pokies

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016

Types Of Pokies

Pokies or slots machines are certainly one of the most popular types of casino games all around the world. The first pokies machine was invented in the 19th century and this casino game has undergone several significant changes over the years. Nowadays, we can say that there are three types of pokies machines: land-based pokies, online pokies and mobile pokies, each of which has its players and is very popular among the gamblers.
Land-based pokies machines – this is the first and the oldest type of casino games, and as it was mentioned above, these machines are placed in casinos, bars and pubs all over the world.

The machines differ in the number of reels, number of pay lines and general design or theme.

Most pokies machines offer fixed jackpots, but there are also some with progressive jackpots, which are very attractive for the gamblers because they can reach very large amounts before the jackpot is hit. Progressive jackpots work so that each time the player inserts a coin, the amount of jackpot rises, which is often called “feeding” the machine with coins. Depending on the machine, there are sometimes some bonuses or additional spins for certain combinations of symbols. Land-based pokies machines are suitable for people who enjoy the presence of others and the atmosphere of a casino or a pub, and they are very often played by all sorts of gamblers.

Online pokies – this is a relatively new concept, compared to the online pokies machines which have been around for over 100 years. With the development and popularization of the Internet and online casinos, online pokies have also become worldwide played and popular. Online pokies can be online-based or software-based. Online-based pokies are accessed and played through a web browser, while software-based pokies require the online casino’s software to be downloaded onto the user’s PC. The software is connected to the account on the online casino, so the progress of the player is monitored this way. There are online pokies which offer fixed jackpots, there are also those offering progressive jackpots, but many of them also offer the possibility to win either of them. With online casinos, there are also various bonuses, free spins, free coins and the like, because the competition among the online casinos is rising and they try their best to attract new players and keep the old ones. The advantage of online pokies is that they come in a variety of themes and designs, so the choice is huge, even larger than with land-based machines. Another great advantage is that there are games which can be played for free, just for fun, without investing real money.

Mobile pokies – since there are more and more of smartphone users of all kinds, there has been a development of all kinds of mobile pokies games as well. They come in varieties suitable for all operative systems – Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows. They can be downloaded from the online casino where you have an account; the account is connected to the mobile app, so your progress in games can be tracked as you play, in case you are connected to Wi-Fi. One of the greatest advantages of mobile pokies is the possibility to play the games wherever you are, and you can also play many games for fun only, just like with online pokies.

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